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Our STEM Lounge tutors are passionate upperclassmen who wish to help fellow UIC students build their math and science skills. Our tutors have excelled in respective math and science courses and have been carefully recruited by our ISED office to ensure the best tutoring services.

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Bima Rexa Rayhan


Hi everyone! My name is Bima. I am a sophomore student majoring in LSBT and BC and was previously a General Chemistry I TA for Dr. Balaz. I am now a full-time tutor here, available to help you with General Chemistry II and General Biology II. Please feel free to book an appointment with me if you're facing any troubles with these courses. If you want to ask any questions or just talk or hang out please reach out to me at any time!


Jeongwoo Lee

Hello, I am Jeongwoo working as a full-time tutor in STEM Tutoring Lounge! I will be helping you with any administrative work and General Chemistry II tutoring as well. If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact me! You are also welcome to ask any questions about school life like 'How is NSE?' or 'What are some good restaurants in Songdo?'.


     Imani Cherubala 


Hey STEM giants, I’m Imani Cherubala. Little background on me, I’m class of 21.5, which makes me a Junior, I’m from the D.R.C., I'm fluent in both English and French and I major in Bio-Convergence. This semester I’ll be tutoring you in General Biology II . If you see me anywhere really feel free to say hey, I’m never too busy to chat, and if you’re new and looking fo community or need advice on navigating being a .5 I’ve got you 🙃.


Junseo Choi


Hello everyone! I am Junseo Choi, and I am a junior majoring in LSBT and computer science. I will be your tutor for General Chemistry II,  General Biology II, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Cell Biology. If you have any questions or are having a hard time following the lectures, feel free to reach out to me. I am currently working as an intern in an external research institution, so I can help you build your career paths or choose your future majors.

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Jongpyo Hong

Hello everyone! My name is Jongpyo Hong, and I’m a sophomore (class of 22) majoring in NanoScience and Engineering. I will be your tutor for General Chemistry & Laboratory II, General Physics & Laboratory II, Calculus and Vector analysis II, and Introduction to Statistics. Feel free to visit and ask any questions you may have regarding these courses. I am also double majoring in Economics, so if you have any questions regarding Econ as well, you may drop by and ask. Hope to see you all this semester!

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Qirrat Ahmad


Hey guys! My name is Qirrat Ahmad. I’m a senior, majoring in Life Science and Biotechnology. If you need help in any your science courses and labs, I’m always available to help. If you need any assistance, a study buddy, or have questions about college life and professors, schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to seeing you guys!


          Hamerenoah Tesega


Hello, I am Hamerenoah (Hamere in short). I am LSBT junior and I will be a part time tutor at the STEM Lounge for this semester. If you need any help with General Chemistry 2, Biochemistry, Genetics, Organic Chemistry, and Cell biology, please feel free to book an appointment with me. I would be glad to assist you as much as I can; be it with solving questions together, giving studying tips, or anything in between those two! If you also need internship and lab advices or generally life in Korea, feel free to reach out as well :)


   Iveel Munkhbat


Hello! I am Iveel Munkhbat. You can also call me Eva. I am a sophomore majoring in LSBT, UD. I am happy to help you with any questions regarding General Chemistry 2. Feel free to reach out to me with any problems, whether it is writing lab reports, preparing for exams, or campus life in general! I hope you can get the help that you need from Stem Lounge and I look forward to seeing you!

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