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From The Dean

A Warm Welcome to the Underwood International College!

As the first and the best private university in Korea, Yonsei University has always been the leader of international education for the last several decades. It is under this tradition that UIC was established in 2005 as the first liberal arts college in Korea. Since its establishment, UIC has built up the reputation as the best international college in Korea thanks to various resources provided by Yonsei University.

 In 2005, when UIC was established, there were only 5 majors with less than 100 students. However, from the very beginning, UIC education aimed at fostering the values of the humanities in tandem with developing creative and interdisciplinary major programs. Recently, UIC has become one of the largest colleges in Yonsei University with 3 divisions, 16 majors, and roughly 3000 enrolled students from 70 countries.

 Students at UIC can expect transformative, exciting, and rewarding experiences. They include a unique residential college program during the freshman year, an excellent academic curriculum, diverse non-academic programs, exclusive global exchange programs, and student body activities composed of talented students drawn from approximately 70 countries. I would like to ask you to engage and explore the ample opportunities UIC offers.

 As stated in the mission of UIC, we emphasize the following three core values: creative and critical thinking, democratic citizenship, and global leadership. I am confident that four years of education at UIC will be able to help you to achieve all of these three goals.

 Lastly, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who has helped UIC to become the best international college in Korea.


Doowon Lee

Dean of Underwood International College

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