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The UIC STEM Tutoring Lounge provides tutoring to students at all levels, especially freshmen, in order for them to build and develop important math and science skills and better navigate their academic life here at UIC.

At the STEM Tutoring Lounge, you can sign up to receive 1:1 or small group tutoring from junior and senior students who have excelled in courses, such as General Chemistry/Biology/Physics and Laboratory (I & II), Calculus and Vector Analysis (I & II), Statistics and Programming courses and so much more.

We aim to offer all UIC students an environment where they can collectively learn and develop new ideas, as well as explore challenging questions and concepts with the help of our tutors. We currently hold in-person tutoring sessions. More information about your session will be notified to you personally after booking is complete. If you wish to book a tutoring session with our tutors, please click here.

As of now, we will only be accepting bookings on our website (no walk-ins). Bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that our tutors may give you the best quality support.

Cancellation Policy: If a student misses more than three scheduled sessions without letting us know beforehand, then that student will not be able to book any more sessions with the STEM Lounge for the rest of the semester.

What we do not do:

Give the "answers" or solutions to exercises: Our tutors are here to guide you through problem-solving processes, so that you may become a better independent learner. Our tutors will not directly give you the solutions to exercises without going through all the necessary steps and processes.

Provide information about exam contents: We will help you with exam study planning, so that you can go into an exam environment with greater confidence and preparation; however, we do not give any information about the contents or settings of an exam.

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